Hi, it´s me, Kerstin

As a cultural researcher and educational practitioner (and human), I have been committed to connecting both for more than 15 years.

In academic terms I am situated between disciplines. Philosphy, cultural studies, educational science and psychology are the most relevant points of reference. But I mostly feel at home in the transdisciplinary by bridging, connecting and mixing my interest in culture, belonging, politics and social transformation. 

I think, feel, write, teach, talk and learn at the intersection of the above (always somehow anchoring in music and sound) with a holistic understanding of change that moves mind, body and emotions.

In all of this, I am guided by the principle of co-(l)laborating with others to build climate and socially-just networks that prioritize the well-being of all: humans and other-than-human beings included. 

Currently I am working on club culture and climate change. Expanding my geeky interests on biodiversity and algorithms. 

My favorite places are dance floors, libraries and forests.
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“Ideas would not be something generating through distance, a way of abstracting something from something, but from our involvement in a world that often leaves us, frankly, bewildered.” 
(Sara Ahmed)