Questucation - Pedagogy & Philosophy

I teach and create learning opportunities - both, for myself and students. I therefore call my guiding principle “Questucation”. 

Living means learning. The obvious becomes a challenge and requires debates:
What and how are we learning? Who learns? Who teaches?

Knowledge generates and reproduces normative practices. The complexity of the world requires questioning the things known and familiar and imagining other worlds possible. Questucation is a symbolic, practical and theoretical space that addresses these topics by asking questions. It is a philosophy, a methodology and a pedagogical practice that combines and tries different methods and ideas of learning, teaching and research. Questucation focusses on shared processes of thinking rather than supposedly fixed knowledge(s).

(Educational) Consulting

I consult and develop educational advise and pedagogical concept development for NGOs and educational projects; school development (e.g., Audit for participation and appreciation)